Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Support From our Town

blaec's hometown, Santa Barbara, has been covering Collection 1.0 in their weekly editorial, the S.B. Independent. We love the local support. Thanks Santa Barbara! The latest coverage in the magazine circuit has been from Zinc Magazine. Don't forget to read the latest blurbs on the contest by clicking through the articles on the right side of this news page under the header " What People Are Saying...".

Summer Whites

I saw lots of all white looks while roaming the cobbled streets. On the top row of photos we have Yves Saint Laurent (purple and red windows) and another shop window full of crisp white looks for Summer. I noticed a trend in window design where there would be a palette consisting mostly of white, paired with very rich colored backgrounds or props. Loved it. I couldnt help but think window displays from the yummy french famous bakeries had something to do with it. The colors of raspberries, passion fruit and cream and powder pastels from the parisian style macarons. I mean, who can resist such beautiful sweet treats?!

More Paris!

Here are some images of places and spaces that inspire. In the first row, we have the Manoush store on the left and a photography bookstore called "La Chambre Claire" in the middle and on the right. We have carried pieces from Manoush here at blaec and I loved the bold red and white window display. La Chambre Claire is an incredible little shop that has everything from fashion photography, documentary and fine art photography, to the most cutting edge contemporary photography publications and small books I have ever seen. Very inspiring and a great resource for the latest in artful fashion photography and a ton of other golden goodies.
The bottom trio of photos: A glimpse of Colette (Europe's biggest trend setting boutique), and the storefront of American Retro, another Parisian line we have carried here at blaec. Colette carries everything from clothing to collectibles. They have a wall of music, make-up, designer knick knacks, and a basement devoted to hydration. Yep, a water bar. Upstairs they have the men's and women's apparell as well as a sunken bookstore with hipster art books and zines. Lots to look at, and lots of being looked at, all at the same time. Paris style.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Visited the famous "Ecole des Beaux Arts" today and although most fashion students around Europe are in the finals phase, I managed to have a quick tour and spoke to one student, Claire, on her way to her studio. The setting at this school is world class and of traditional parisien architecture. What a place to study and get inspired! It's no wonder that Paris remains one of the strongest fashion capitols of the world. Claire is submitting designs for our Collection 1.0 contest and is very excited to get her peices in the mail once finals are over. She "loves the style that California brings to paris, but stays inside the tradition of french fashion. I love the style of Bridgitte Bardot and Francoise Hardy and everything 60's french" , says Claire. More news soon... stay tuned!